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ZiuZ develops and delivers pouch inspection systems for pharmacies, all over the world. The pouches (Baxter zakjes) are produced via a pouch packager. These dispensing devices are delivered to the pharmacies by partners of ZiuZ, who also sell the ZiuZ products.

For optimal performance, the medication rolls are cut and winded in specific patient rolls. These rolls are scanned and sorted to shift between rolls with errors and rolls without. This is a manual process and takes quite some time. There is room for savings if this process could be automated.

The Assignment

The ZiuZ ApolloZ inspection device process medication pouches, cuts, and rolls them into patient rolls. The patient rolls are collected per batch in a tray and are placed in a staging area. After an x amount of time, the patient rolls are verified by the software and for each patient roll it is known if the roll is OK or NOK.

A mechanized device must be designed that takes that rolls from the tray, scans the barcode/2D code identifier, and sorts the roles into two directions: OK and NOK. Research must proof what the best technical and economical concept is. For example, could this be a Cobot or a more traditional mechanical system.

Expected End Result

The assignment consists of the research, design, and development of a Proof Of Concept of a mechanized sorting device (or aid) that can automatically sort patient rolls from one tray into two directions: OK rolls and NOK (Not OK) rolls.

Task Description

What is expected of you?

  • Think conceptual
  • Ability to work independently but also in a team.


ZiuZ has a standard internship / graduation allowance of € 350 per month and a maximum of € 221 travel allowance if applicable.

Johan van Duijne EVP ZiuZ Pharma Automation
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