Elizabeth van der Meer

Elizabeth van der Meer

Office Assistant


“What I like the most about ZiuZ? The equality, the people, and the respect for each other – no matter the job position. This is not typical everywhere in the Netherlands, this is something special of ZiuZ.”

Elizabeth has been working as an Office Assistant at ZiuZ since October 2018. What she appreciates the most about ZiuZ is the open culture. She feels she can be herself here. “Everyone is very approachable. The doors of our offices are always open and there’s always room for conversation. We have lunch and coffee breaks together. Everybody is nice to each other, regardless of their position in the company.”

As a social and warm person, she likes the nature of her job very much. It requires contact with a lot of people during the day. “I love when everyone is at the office, because I like to help and support people… that’s just the nature of my job.” She also enjoys the variety of tasks she deals with. Welcoming people, handling the packages that come by mail, and preparing the group lunch. “It’s what I usually do at home, but here I’m doing it for 70 colleagues”.

She is also very fond of animals. She has two dogs, who she trains every week in both agility and long walks. She has a horse, who she rides every day together with her daughter. “We share a passion for horses. This is very precious to me, as we get to spend a lot of time together”.

Elizabeth seizes every opportunity offered by ZiuZ to keep fit in both body and mind. Every Wednesday she joins the Cross Fit training organized by ZiuZ. “I really appreciate training on Wednesdays. I see it as an occasion to bond with the people I work with. We all do it together. You don’t even have to travel for it, because it’s right here at the office.”

Elizabeth started an English course provided by ZiuZ and she attended level training to optimize her job skills. “I like the possibilities that ZiuZ provides for its employees to study. If you have an idea of how to get better at your job? ZiuZ supports and finances it.”

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