Jelle Wassenaar

Jelle Wassenaar

Technical Purchaser


Jelle started working at ZiuZ in October 2020 as a Technical Purchaser. The word ‘people’ is central in Jelle’s working life. He loves working with people and appreciates the variety of employees at ZiuZ and the flat organizational structure. “

We have an interesting mix of people here! Colleagues have diverse backgrounds and interests. For a person like me who loves to be around people, this is great!”

What Jelle likes the most about ZiuZ are the projects. Before working at ZiuZ, Jelle worked as an educator for five years, and spent several years in the technical machinery industry. “Personally, I’m very glad to be back in this type of business: I love my job, I like doing the prototyping and above all else, I like to do it here, at a professional company like ZiuZ.”

Compared to the previous companies he worked for, there is a difference in the goals. “Instead of focusing only on profit, at ZiuZ we have greater goals. This was very new to me, but I like it very much”.

Outside his working hours, he spends a lot of time with his family. “With three children aged one, four, and ten, my schedule is often busy. Fortunately, ZiuZ is flexible in regards to my working hours, which makes it easier for me to dedicate time to my children.”  When the time allows, he likes to go snowboarding in winter and wakeboarding in summer. Jelle is a volunteer at the local football club. In recent years he has been a board member of VV Oudehaske and has taken on the role of chairman since last winter. And if this isn’t enough: he also practices CrossFit twice a week.

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