Marco van den Berg

Marco van den Berg

Quality Assurance Manager and Information Security Officer


At ZiuZ, we develop premium quality and high-end products. Looking at the product development activities, it’s incredible what an internationally orientated company based in Gorredijk is creating in the field of visual intelligence… It makes me very proud to work here.


Marco is Quality Assurance Manager and Information Security Officer at ZiuZ since 2013. His focus lies on the ZiuZ Quality Management System and Information Security Management System including the product certifications and regulations that need to be met. His job is very diverse and requires a lot of responsibilities. Marco is currently in the process of setting up a new quality management system for ZiuZ medical devices.

“The company’s culture makes my job easier. We have high standards and are always looking at how we can raise the bar. Information security is taken very seriously at ZiuZ. Most of the time I don’t even have to tell people what to do because they’re doing it already in a professional way.” Marco appreciates the high-quality standards and the professionality that characterizes the company.

Marco embraces the community values, such as striving for the highest possible quality. “There’s no competition among employees, everybody helps each other. When needed, I know I can call on my colleagues. This is very valuable to me”. Those values, according to Marco, are also welcomed by the management team, which contributes to establishing a friendly, professional, and collaborative culture within the company.

Marco grew up in the middle of The Netherlands. However, since 1999 he lives in Friesland. He has a busy family life. When he wants to relax, he takes his bike for a ride. “

ZiuZ future from his perspective? He believes that the company is going to make an even greater impact with new innovations and products that will make a difference.

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