Wan Ting Chan

Wan Ting Chan

Sales & Channel Manager


Wan comes from Taiwan and graduated from Feng Chia University in Business Administration in 2018. After having spent one year as an exchange student in Groningen, she was offered the opportunity to join ZiuZ.

Wan is now ZiuZ Medical’s Sales and Channel Manager. She works in a team of 6 people and is responsible for the Asian Markets. Together with her supervisor, she drew the strategy to enter the Asian markets. “It was hard work, but we made it! We started from 0 and now we have customers and connections both in Taiwan and China”. Nowadays Wan’s job implies a lot of travelling and this is something that she fully enjoys. “We have a very tight schedule in terms of business trips; every month we go to Asia to meet our customers.. some people hate it, some people love it. For me, this makes working at ZiuZ so much fun!”

Wan likes both the Dutch and ZiuZ’ culture. What she appreciates the most about the Netherlands is the directness and clarity in communication. “It fits well with my personality” she says. While, about ZiuZ, she is grateful for the numerous chances that are offered to employees to grow their professional and personal skills.

“Here you are valued based on your talent and ZiuZ is willing to support talents”.

When she joined ZiuZ, Wan started a traineeship of 3 years to become an export manager; in March 2020 she started a language course to learn Dutch financed by ZiuZ.

Based in Amsterdam, she is a social and outgoing person; in her spare time, she likes to give her creativity free rein by organizing events that involve creative flower decorations. Besides, she practices Pilates 3 times a week and loves swimming.

About the Netherlands? She says: “My long-term plan is to stay here, in Holland… Surely I don’t want to go away.”

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