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  • Gorredijk, Netherlands
  • 40 hrs
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How cool is it that the high tech machines that you have built end up in pharmacies and hospitals all over the world? Well, ZiuZ has developed a new generation of machines that checks medication pouches and for the first time we are building these machines ourselves in our top-notch new assembly hall. Can you already see yourself working there?

The vacancy

We are looking for someone who will work with us to assemble these machines and who will become just as enthusiastic about them as we are. The combination of mechanical and electrical engineering and working in a small team means the work you do will be very varied. The team consists of assembly workers, technical purchasers and the manager.


  • A qualification in mechatronics or electrical engineering at MBO level (senior secondary vocational education) or higher.
  • The necessary experience with the assembly and/or final assembly of devices or machines including the wiring.

Your work activities

You will follow the working instructions so that the machine’s components and wiring are made in conformity with the drawing. You will work in line with the plan/schedule for this work and will ensure that everything is completed to a high standard and on time. Before the various components are installed in the machine, you will test the subassemblies so that you can be sure that you have delivered high-quality work.

In addition, you will carry out logistical activities, including packing the machines into a crate so that they can be shipped to our customers all over the world. Once or twice per month you will also carry out maintenance work on-site at our customers in the Netherlands.

What ZiuZ offers

ZiuZ is offering you full-time employment with a good set of employment conditions that are in line with those in the collective bargaining agreement for the mechanical and electrical engineering industry (CAO Metaal en Techniek). On top of your salary, you will also receive a commuting allowance, a standard expense allowance and a budget so that you can take training courses.

ZiuZ also provides you with a working environment in an innovative company that leads the way in the development of high-grade technology for visual and artificial intelligence applications. Our mission in this regard is to make a positive impact all over the world with products that help deliver solutions for socially relevant issues.

One aspect of this is that we as a company feel that it is important that you continue to develop yourself, and that alongside the day-to-day work there are still opportunities for informal contacts with your colleagues. This includes not only the collective coffee breaks and daily lunch organised by ZiuZ but also relaxing activities such as a game event, a mountain bike tour, a family day out or a visit to an ice-skating marathon race where one of the teams is sponsored by ZiuZ.

Has the above made you curious to know more about the job or our organisation? Then get in touch by sending an E-Mail to or by calling or texting 06 12990493. You can already learn more by taking a look at our careers page.

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