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We are currently working on a system that is (theoretically) infinitely scalable, can process an enormous amount of files at a rapid tempo, supports our clients with smart tools, and makes use of AI to reduce our clients’ workload.

This system will replace a Windows application that first saw the light of day 15 years ago. Since then, the application has been in use by police forces worldwide to analyse images and videos seized from suspects, with the aim of convicting known perpetrators of child abuse, tracking down new perpetrators, and identifying victims in the hope that they can be rescued from terrible circumstances. If you ask us, it doesn’t get much more socially relevant than this!

The pressure on detectives and thus on our application is ever increasing, and how! Through the internet and the ease with which information can be shared anonymously in this day and age, the volumes of seized material that our clients have to review is growing exponentially. A single case with millions of images and videos is the rule rather than the exception, and some clients (unfortunately) have hundreds of cases at any given time.

For the sake of reassurance: the material that our clients work with is intense, but it is not something that you will be exposed to.

The current Windows application (built with C#) is scalable but was never intended for the volume of data with which police forces are increasingly confronted. That’s why in 2022 we started to renew it, piece by piece, to a application, in which our client’s hardware budget is the primary limitation on performance. Achieving this is no small feat, and we could really use your help!

Who are we looking for?

We are in search of a Lead Developer (not on a remote basis) with a lot of experience building ( applications for the web. You have a passion for efficient code since every millisecond that can be shaved off of processing an individual image or video will result in hours of saved time when there are millions of images and videos to get through! Moreover, you are able to share your knowledge with others, lead the team, and support teammates in developing their expertise. You spar with the Architect and Product Manager about the best way to translate client’s needs into technical solutions. Trips to visit clients and hear first-hand from them about their requirements and wishes are certainly on the table, and all the better if this is something you enjoy doing!

You have a clear vision (cultivated through extensive experience) regarding how best to develop (web) applications, and you’re able to express and defend this vision in technical meetings. You’re not one to shy away from a debate. A stubborn streak is no big deal, but you certainly understand that any problem can be tackled from numerous angles, and you bring stakeholders together to look for solutions. You enjoy teamwork, have a good sense of humour and are comfortable with the English language.

What will the work be like?

Within ZiuZ, you will be part of the ‘VizX’ Scrum team: where you will work with a highly independent group of colleagues to renew the product. Our teams are multidisciplinary: Developers, Testers, and Research Engineers work together with the Product Manager and Architect to achieve an optimal result. Processes are defined by the team in mutual consultation and are continuously improved. When it comes to these processes, the result is more important than the method. You will achieve optimal outcomes utilizing the following: 

  • User Centric Design;
  • Hexagonal architecture;
  • Continuous integration;
  • Test automation.

We are developing the new modules in C# utilizing the latest .NET framework for both Windows and Linux environments. For the front end, we use, among other things, Blazor web assembly, and in the backend, we make use of Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, SQL server, and Elastic Search. Patterns we make use of include DDD and CQRS. 

What does ZiuZ offers:

ZiuZ offers 40-hour employment with a competitive salary, depending on your experience. There is also an addition to your primary salary for pension accrual, a commuting allowance, a standard expense allowance to cover things including internet facilities at home, and an allowance for a mobile telephone plan.

ZiuZ also grants 27 vacation days a year and working in a hybrid set-up, whereby you can also partly work from home (in coordination with your manager), is well organised. However, ZiuZ believes it is absolutely important to meet regularly at the office and work together to promote team spirit, creativity, and communication. This is not a remote-only position.

It is important to us as a company that you continue to grow, and we offer a personal education budget. On top of daily tasks, there is also room for informal contact with your colleagues. That can be during coffee breaks, the daily lunches provided by ZiuZ, and fun activities like a game event, mountain bike tour, and a family day.

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Chandler Hatton CTO
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