Working at ZiuZ VizX Software Developer

  • ZiuZ Forensic |
  • 40 hrs |
  • Gorredijk, The Netherlands
  • Advanced image processing
  • Cooperation with national and international police organisations
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Want to work for a start-up that uses AI to recognise cat photos on Instagram? Or for a sluggish multinational aiming to make even more money with big data analysis? Or… do you want to come work here, where you can develop and contribute to innovative solutions for things that really matter?

Our ambition

We are about to embark on an important new product development. Our product VizX, which assists police services in child abuse investigations and which we have supplied to police organisations in the Netherlands and abroad since 2010, will be undergoing major changes. It will go from a traditional client-server application to a modern architecture with a web interface, further improving the current core functionality and considering the additional needs of the different types of users. We estimate it to be a project of at least 10 man-years of work, focusing on large-scale, effective, and efficient processing of images with AI and advanced video technology.

At ZiuZ Forensic, we are looking for an experienced Software Developer to help us achieve our ambitions. Someone who is not afraid of complexity and with an eye for architecture, scalability and high-performance computing. A real addition to our team, both in terms of experience and as an individual.

What will be your role as Software Developer?

At ZiuZ, we work the Agile way, in which each team serves a specific department or product. Our teams are multidisciplinary, where developers and testers work with the product manager to achieve optimal results. Hexagonal design and automated tests are central. You will become part of the ‘VizX’ Scrum team, and you will work closely with the software architect and research engineers. You focus on back-end development where we use Docker Containers, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch and SQL Server. We develop in C# using .NET Core for both Windows and Linux environments

About you as an individual

You are a software developer with IT training at HBO (higher professional) or WO (university) level and a minimum of five years’ relevant work experience. You have a good command of the English language. You are also interested in:

  • The ethically responsible application of AI;
  • Advanced image processing;
  • Cooperation with national and international police organisations.

What ZiuZ Offers

ZiuZ is offering a 40-hour employment with a good set of employment conditions, including an addition to your primary salary for pension accrual, a commuting allowance, a standard expense allowance to cover things including internet facilities at home and an allowance for a mobile telephone plan. ZiuZ also grants 27 vacation days a year.

It is important to us as a company that you continue to grow, and we offer a personal education budget. On top of daily tasks, there is also room for informal contact with your colleagues. That can be during coffee breaks or the daily lunches provided by ZiuZ, but also in fun activities like a game event, mountain bike tour, family day or going to see the ZiuZ-sponsored marathon skating team compete in a speed skating race.

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Jarno Bosch Group Leader Development
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