Arno Burmania

Arno Burmania

Support Specialist


Arno, Support Specialist at ZiuZ Forensic, joined the company in October 2018.

Arno has a technical background. After having worked as a service coordinator in the medical industry, he decided to look for a job that involves more technical knowledge and traveling. “My greatest hobby is to travel. This job takes me to many beautiful places. To me, the destination is not important, I simply enjoy the feeling of being on the road which is something that this job allows me to do.”

That is not everything Arno likes about ZiuZ. He also likes the high level of technology involved and the impact that technology has on society. As a Support Specialist, Arno enjoys helping customers, having customer contact, and helping them doing their job better. “I really enjoy helping people.” It gives him fulfillment knowing his job helps to protect the most vulnerable people of all: children.

His work at ZiuZ gives him a lot of freedom to develop himself as a professional. “You have a lot of opportunities to grow, it is always possible to get the necessary time and resources to develop a skill”.

To Arno, working in a highly professional way is key. “Both my colleagues and the organization exhibit a high level of professionalism”. Arno’s team consists of motivated and skilled people. “The team I work with is great! They’re all very skilled and we all have the same focus: helping our customers in a professional way”.

“At ZiuZ you experience a high level of professionalism at all levels: the products, the people and the processes are all incredibly well-organized.”

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