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Roland Koops, Employee ZiuZ

Roland Koops

Roland Koops has been working at ZiuZ as a Software Architect for 6 years now. He works for two business units, namely Forensic Investigation and Pharma Automation. With his experience gained at numerous companies, we are extremely pleased that Roland is part of our team.

Roland Koops
Working at ZiuZ

Elena Colotti

Led by a strong interest in applying Marketing insights to promote products or ideas that have either a social or an environmental scope, rather than just to push mere consumption, Elena joined ZiuZ’s mission three years ago.

Elena Colotti

Yvonne van Beem

Yvonne wanted to work for a company that was making a difference and doing something that truly mattered.
"Being part of the ZiuZ team means I have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our products, and that's a truly rewarding experience."

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Arno Burmania

“The team I work with is very skilled. We all have the same focus.”

Arno likes the high level of technology involved at ZiuZ and the impact that the technology has on society.

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Bo Kimkes

“Besides working, we share a lot and do various things together”

After having studied and worked as an intern in both Canada and Spain, she decided to return to The Netherlands and join ZiuZ as Marketing Specialist.

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Dries Pruimboom

“At ZiuZ, it is always ‘We’ instead of ‘I’.”

Dries is part of the R&D team, a group of eight Research Engineers that work on different projects and share knowledge about topics like optics, neural networks, and mechanics so that each team member learns from each other’s experience.

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Henk Schievink

“We work on products that make the world a safer place.”

Working on the edge of new technology and striving for optimization and improvement is what drives Henk. Thanks to his job, he has seen the Asian, the Australian, and the American World.

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Henk-Jan Withaar

“We base our products on the input of our clients. We listen to them and shape those ideas into products that we sell worldwide.”

In his job, team interaction is fundamental. He works closely with the product managers to discuss customer needs and define how the products should be and look.

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Jan Dijkstra

“There is no company like ZiuZ. The way we work here is special”

Since Jan joined ZiuZ, he has been involved in the development of four different machines. “It’s challenging to be part of something like that. I constantly keep developing myself.”

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Marcel van den Brink

With a Sales and Marketing background, Marcel is passionate about new products that need to find their way to the market.

In addition to being an experienced Sales and Channel Manager, Marcel is also a good cook! He likes to experiment with different types of cuisine!

Remco van Rennes

“I realized I wanted to fight cybercrime. I could have worked at the police and solved crimes myself. Instead, I chose ZiuZ Forensic.”

The impact that ZiuZ makes has Remco’s greatest interest. “My suggestions can have an impact on society.”

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Marvin Bergsma

“I can be myself here. I’m respected for who I am”

What Marvin likes the most about working at ZiuZ is the freedom that the employees get. Everyone has the opportunity to influence what ZiuZ creates.

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