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At ZiuZ, our mission is to achieve worldwide impact with products that contribute to socially relevant social issues aimed...

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ZiuZ Visual Intelligence

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What ZiuZ offers

It’s our goal to offer our employees the best possible environment to reach great heights. We feel this is essential to develop products of the highest quality and standards.

27 vacation days
Travel allowance or a public transport card
Personal development budget
Extracurricular activities
Joint lunch
Sport activities
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Long after I had already completed my internship, ZiuZ kept in touch. Eventually, after my graduation in 2019, they offered me a full-time position as Software Developer.

Lex Punter Software Developer Possibilities for students

Why work for
ZiuZ Visual Intelligence

With our products, we contribute to solving societal problems. At ZiuZ, you get the chance to make the world a safer place.

About ZiuZ

Why work for ZiuZ Pharma Automation

Help pharmacists to provide patients with the medical care they need. At ZiuZ Medical you make medication dispensing safer in hospitals and pharmacies.

About ZiuZ Medical

Why work for
ZiuZ Forensic

Work on solutions that are being used by Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide in their fight against the sexual abuse of children

About ZiuZ Forensic

Why work for
ZiuZ Healthcare

Work on techniques that enable doctors to establish the correct diagnose quickly, starting treatments as soon as possible and help saving lives.

About ZiuZ Healthcare

Working at
ZiuZ Visual Intelligence

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Arno Burmania Support Specialist

“The team I work with is very skilled. We all have the same focus.”

Arno likes the high level of technology involved at ZiuZ and the impact that the technology has on society.

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Bo Kimkes Marketing Specialist

“Within the company, we have a lot of expertise. And where necessary we work with trusted partners."

After having studied and worked as an intern in both Canada and Spain, she decided to return to The Netherlands and join ZiuZ as a Marketing Specialist. “After carrying out two experiences abroad, I felt the need to work in an international company. That’s one of the reasons why I chose ZiuZ”.

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Cor Mulder Marketing & Account Manager

As ZiuZ' Marketing Manager, Cor is responsible for the brand reputation and image of the company. What's more, he's also the account manager for ZiuZ Forensic's German speaking customers. Krass!

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Elizabeth v/d Meer Office Assistant

“Everybody treats each other with respect, regardless of their position.”

Elizabeth enjoys the variety of tasks she deals with. Welcoming people, handling the packages that come by mail, and preparing the group lunch.

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Henk Schievink Support Specialist

“We work on products that make the world a safer place.”

Working on the edge of new technology and striving for optimization is what drives Henk, one of our Medical Support specialists since 2016.

Talking about reaching great heights, Henk is a four-time 'Fierljeppen' Frysian Champion!

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Jelle Wassenaar Technical Purchaser

“We have greater goals, our ambitions go beyond profit.”

Jelle loves to work with people and appreciates the variety of employees at ZiuZ and the flat organization structure.

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Johan van Duijne Product Manager

"At ZiuZ, we do what we say. Many companies claim they want to make a socially-relevant impact. We simply do it."

What motivates Johan to work at ZiuZ is the high level of professionalism. The fact that ZiuZ contributes to solving an issue and fulfilling a need that was not satisfied before, is inspiring to him.

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Marcel v/d Brink VP Sales and Marketing

With a Sales and Marketing background, Marcel is passionate about new products that need to find their way to the market.

In addition to being an experienced Sales and Channel manager, Marcel is also a good cook! He likes to experiment with different types of cuisine!

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Marco van den Berg Quality Assurance Manager

Marco is Quality Assurance Manager and Information Security Officer at ZiuZ since 2013.

His focus lies on the ZiuZ Quality Management System and Information Security Management System including the product certifications and regulations that need to be met.

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Marvin Bergsma Software Developer

“I can be myself here. I’m respected for who I am”

What Marvin likes the most about working at ZiuZ is the freedom that the employees get. Everyone has the opportunity to influence what ZiuZ creates.

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Robert Dijkstra Support Specialist

Robert Dijkstra, one of our German-speaking Forensic Support specialists since 2016!

In his role as Forensic Support specialist, Robert combines his interpersonal and social skills with great technical expertise.

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Support Specialist
Marketing Specialist
Marketing & Account Manager
Office Assistant
Support Specialist
Technical Purchaser
Product Manager
VP Sales and Marketing
Quality Assurance Manager
Software Developer
Support Specialist

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