Bo Kimkes

Bo Kimkes

Marketing Specialist


Bo graduated in 2018 from Hanze University of Applied Science in International Business and Languages in Groningen. After having studied and worked as an intern in both Canada and Spain, she decided to return to The Netherlands and join ZiuZ as a Marketing Specialist. “After carrying out two experiences abroad, I felt the need to work in an international company. That’s one of the reasons why I chose ZiuZ”.

Bo joined the marketing team of ZiuZ Medical in October 2018. “My team consists of people that have a lot of knowledge and field experience. I learn a lot from them, and – as I still have fresh eyes on things – I can provide them with new insights.” In her daily work, she is involved in several projects and maintains relationships with distributors. She also makes sure that all our marketing materials are on point. Varying from the website to the organization of events and the product brochures and videos. As a Marketing Specialist, she stays in close contact with our external partners. “Within the company, we have a lot of expertise. And where necessary we work with trusted partners, like graphic designers, video content creators, and copywriters.”

She appreciates that the management of ZiuZ gives their employees a lot of trust and responsibility.

“There’s a mutual trust between the management team and the employees. Management does not micromanage us. When you have an idea and the management team understands the reasoning behind it, you will get the responsibilities and the support to take it forward and make it a project.”

Bo is very enthusiastic about working at ZiuZ. She sees the company as a big family. “Besides working, we share a lot and do various things together. We go to trade fairs, organize game events (which I love) and go on mountain biking tours together. It’s so much fun.”

Bo grew up in Assen. She is enjoys baking and cooking, especially with the eggs laid by her own two chickens.

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