Cor Mulder


Marketing & Account Manager


After having graduated from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, in International Business and Management, and having carried out his graduation project in ZiuZ in 2014, he was offered a job position as Junior Marketeer. He is now Marketing Manager of ZiuZ Visual Intelligence and Marketing and Account Manager of ZiuZ Forensic.

At ZiuZ he loves both his job positions and the variety of tasks that results from it. As Marketing Manager, he is responsible for the brand reputation and image of the company. “With a Marketing background, I like to express my creativity. I like to come up with communication and marketing strategies for the good of the company”.

On the other hand, being the Account Manager of ZiuZ forensic enables him to use his interpersonal skills and to have human contact with his customers, which is very valuable to him. Due to his language skills (he’s fluent in German, English and Dutch) he’s responsible for the German market. “I am like a bridge between my customers and the support and development departments. I take care of my clients’ needs and make sure that those are fulfilled”.

About the company’s culture he appreciates the flat hierarchy, the open communication and the responsibilities that are given to people if they show that they can be trusted.

I didn’t want to work for a company where I have no responsibilities, or where I have no freedom to make decisions and start projects on my own. Here I have all the freedom and the responsibilities I wished for.

Cor likes to dedicate his free time to sport; cycling and running are his favorite hobbies: “I like endurance sports because they allow me to clear up my mind”. As proper Friesian, he also loves to ice skate when the season allows. Sport aside, he’s also passionate about gardening – Cactus plants are his Achille’s heel – and loves watching numerous sport tv context, especially cycling related, such as Giro D’Italia and Tour De France. Last but not least, Cor is an avid fan of Liverpool, so be aware of this when you engage in a conversation about football with him!

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