Dries Pruimboom

Dries Pruimboom

R&D Engineer


“At ZiuZ, it is always ‘We’ instead of ‘I’. There’s no individual working culture, it’s a community. We work together and strive for the same goals.”

Dries started at ZiuZ in 2006, when the company’s focus was on Forensic only. During these years he witnessed the company’s development.

“When I joined ZiuZ, there were only four of us. Now the company has over 70 employees.”

Even if the company grew, Dries observed a consistency in values that over time remained unchanged. “The company is still informal, as it was when I first joined. Of course, there’s a continuous transformation, but there’s still a sense of community”. Dries likes the company’s flexibility. People are approachable. You can easily talk with the CEO and the management team. He also appreciates the transparency that is a fundamental value at ZiuZ. “Everyone knows what’s going on within the management team. Important decisions are communicated with everybody, always.”

Once ZiuZ started a new business line in the medical machines, Dries did not think twice and turned his focus and energy to ZiuZ Medical. “When the medical devices became a thing, that was great for me. I enjoy electronics. Nowadays my job involves all the aspects of the machines, such as mechanics, software, and optics. I love it.”

Dries is part of the R&D team, a group of eight Research Engineers that work on different projects. In his team, they share knowledge about topics such as optics, neural networks, and mechanics, so that each team member learns from each other’s experience. “For a company like ZiuZ, having eight people allocated to the Research and Development department is a lot. That shows that the company believes in research and is willing to invest in it.”

Dries’ dedication to electronics, software, and optics also shows in his hobbies. “In my free time, I do the same things as at my day job. The only difference is that in my free time I create projects for myself.”

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