Elena Colotti

Working at ZiuZ

Elena Colotti

Sustainability Officer and Forensic Investigation Marketing Manager

A dynamic, respectful and transparent environment. At ZiuZ people breath innovation, driven by a shared social mission.

Elena Colotti is ZiuZ Sustainability Officer and ZiuZ Forensic Investigation Marketing Manager. She grew up in the Italian Alps in a small village called San Lorenzo di Rovetta, in the province of Bergamo.

At the age of 19, she moved to the Netherlands to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management at the Hanze University of Applied Science of Groningen. One year later, while still being enrolled in the Bachelor program, she moved to Cape Town (South Africa) for a Digital marketing internship. In 2019, she went living in Taipei (Taiwan) to carry out a Communication and Product Design minor at the Shih Chien University.

Elena joined ZiuZ’s mission three years ago, led by a strong interest in applying Marketing insights to promote products or ideas that have either a social or an environmental scope, rather than just to push mere consumption.

Elena is now living in Köln, Germany, coordinating the sustainability strategy of the holding company and managing the Marketing for the forensic business unit. At the same time, she is finalizing her 2-year part-time master’s degree in Sustainability and Impact Management at the Mannheim Business School.

ZiuZ development opportunities for employees are varied. I wanted to explore this new field. I was motivated to gain insights into how to steer the sustainable transformation of organizations in a systematic, data-driven and holistic way. When I addressed this educational ambition to ZiuZ, I received full support.

“At ZiuZ people breath innovation, driven by a shared social mission.” She says. Besides appreciating the innovative and down-to-earth colleagues, she finds the environment at ZiuZ to be very dynamic, respectful, and transparent.

Elena has been a cross-Country ski athlete for 10 years, since the age of six. She loves painting, cooking, and doing sports. Amongst others, she now practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but she has been a swimming instructor in the past.

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