Henk-Jan Withaar

Henk-Jan Withaar

Sales & Channel Manager


Henk-Jan is the Sales & Channel Manager of ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation. He is responsible for building the network of distributors that sell, market, and support ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation products around the globe.

After having worked in large software enterprises, he joined ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation in 2013. One of the things that he really likes about ZiuZ is the healthy work-life balance.

“Although we’re very busy in creating customer-driven projects and increasing worldwide market shares, we are still able to have a healthy life, which was not possible in the companies I previously worked for.”

Henk-Jan is a family man. He has two young kids with whom he likes to spend time. He also enjoys sim racing, cooking, and walking his dog.

As Sales Channel Manager, Henk-Jan likes to have the opportunity to do direct sales. “That’s the aspect of my job that is the most fun. Even if we have a network of distributors, I can still do direct sales”. In his job, team interaction is fundamental. He works closely with the product managers to discuss customer needs and define how the products should be and look like.

According to Henk-Jan, ZiuZ’s values of open communication and diversity are precious. “We have a very diverse workforce. There’s a healthy balance between genders, nationalities, and background among our employees, and this helps us to achieve our goals”.

Since he joined the company, Henk-Jan witnessed great changes within ZiuZ, like the way strategies are conceived and implemented – which is much more structured and aimed towards long-term stability nowadays. The company has grown a lot and has reached an incredible level of maturity. “We base our products on the input of our clients. We listen to them and shape those ideas into products that we sell worldwide”.

About the future? Henk-Jan is very confident that by listening to our current and prospective clients’ inputs, we will help make patient safety around the globe even safer.

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