Henk Schievink

Henk Schievink

Support Specialist


“Working at ZiuZ involves a lot of traveling. Thanks to my job I’ve been to the Asian, the Australian, and the American continent”.

Henk is one of ZiuZ Medical’s support specialists since 2016. Working on the edge of new technology and striving for optimization and improvement is what drives him. He appreciates the collaborative atmosphere that is part of the culture at ZiuZ. “We work together with various departments on products that help to make the world a better place. That motivates me.”

At the moment Henk is working on the further development of IRIS for ZiuZ Medical. He starts every morning with the daily Stand Up, a meeting to define the tasks and progress for his team. “We have a very dynamic team of support engineers who have slightly different disciplines. We constantly strive for improvements and are persistently making safer products. Our customers appreciate that.”

Henk has worked as a support engineer in the business-to-business industry. “Working at ZiuZ is very different from working in the business-to-business industry” he says. He likes to work in a company where employees communicate with each other and take everyone’s opinion into consideration.

“In some other companies you’re just a number. Here, your opinion counts. This is the natural way of approaching things at ZiuZ”.

Henk likes to ride his bike and take long walks. In his spare time, he is a web designer and programmer. Fun fact: he has also been Fierljeppen Frisian Champion four(!) times. “To be honest, working at ZiuZ is also a bit of a hobby for me. I invest a lot of time in ZiuZ because I like it. I am driven by my passion for this job.”

“What makes me stay at ZiuZ is the fact that we are constantly growing. I fully embrace the values of ZiuZ, but values are not everything. What I appreciate the most is having a clear, unanimous goal. Together, we’re pushing constantly to reach these goals, and in my opinion, that’s the key to success.”

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