Johan van Duijne

Johan van Duijne

Product Manager


Johan, Product Manager for ZiuZ Pharmacy Automation, joined the company in December 2015. About ZiuZ, he is very enthusiastic about the high level of professionalism, the ‘can do’ mentality, and the strong pioneering spirit.

“I love that at ZiuZ we do what we say. If we say “Patient safety first”, we don’t just talk about it, we simply do it.”  What motivates Johan to work at ZiuZ is the high level of professionalism.  “For a company driven by new technologies, that’s what is needed.” Besides that, the company enables and appreciates pioneering. “At ZiuZ, pioneering is in our DNA.”

Johan worked for several years as a marketing director, a lead product manager and business development manager in two other companies before joining ZiuZ. He studied Industrial Product Design and always worked with products. When he decided to join ZiuZ, he wanted to work in a company that could give him the freedom to work on new projects.

“What is great about ZiuZ is that it’s constantly moving forward. The markets are constantly changing and ZiuZ is changing with them. We always try to stay one step ahead… never a boring day working at ZiuZ.”

As product manager of Pharmacy Automation, he enjoys working with people from all over the world, both digitally and in real life. “I love the process of starting with an idea on a blank sheet of paper which leads – in a couple of years – to a happy customer with a tangible new system. The fact that it contributes to solving an issue and fulfilling a need that was not satisfied before, is inspiring”.

The everyday challenges, the constant changes, and the push to do better, motivate Johan to stay with ZiuZ. This is why he has never been longer in the same job position as in his current position at ZiuZ.

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