Marvin Bergsma

I can be my real self here and feel appreciated for who I am.

Marvin Bergsma

Software Developer


Marvin is one of the veterans of ZiuZ, he has been with us since September 2010.

Before joining the company, Marvin worked as a software developer in another software company. A friend introduced him to ZiuZ. “Business is booming,” he said. When Marvin joined ZiuZ, he was the 19th employee hired at ZiuZ. “I wanted to start a new challenge, the company was expanding, there were possibilities for me to grow, so I decided to join ZiuZ. And I haven’t regretted it since.

What he likes the most about working at ZiuZ is the freedom that the employees get. Everyone has the opportunity to influence what ZiuZ creates.

I’m not just a small, insignificant part of a machine, I’m an active member of the team and my opinion matters.

Being part of a team, where ideas can be shared and taken into consideration is fundamental for him. Marvin emphasizes the informal character of the company. “I can be my real self here and feel appreciated for who I am”.

Since the moment of the first interview, Marvin could breathe the cooperative environment that characterizes the company. ZiuZ for him is a place where people work together to achieve a collective goal.” I really like my team. We are very close while working together. The people in my group are very social, which makes it possible to keep that cooperative mindset and team spirit.”

Marvin has a lot of hobbies. He loves to play video games, sings in a rock metal band, is fluent in three languages: Dutch, English and Spanish and he is a bricolage enthusiast.

“For the future, I hope that ZiuZ can grow further without ever losing the spirit of a small company. In that way, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy his or her work while making a beautiful product.“


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