Remco van Rennes

Remco van Rennes

Test Engineer


Remco has been a Forensic Tester at ZiuZ since 2013. After finishing his studies in Safety and Security Management with a specialization in cybercrime, Remco decided to join ZiuZ Forensic. “The first interview I had was with Gerrit (CEO of ZiuZ at the time). I remember we were both very enthusiastic about the company”.

Remco’s interest in cyber safety was strengthened during his internship in the ECTF Electronic Crimes Taskforce of the Dutch Police. “I realized I wanted to fight cybercrime. I had different ways to go about it. I could have worked at the police and solved crimes myself. Instead, I chose ZiuZ Forensic.” When Remco joined the company, ZiuZ Forensic was looking for someone without a technical background who could test the programs that ZiuZ was developing. “I couldn’t offer technical feedback. Instead, I could test the product from the customers’ perspective, from the police’s point of view. That was what ZiuZ was looking for”.

Remco appreciates the enthusiasm that seems typical of ZiuZ employees.

Our team is very eager. When we’re all at the office, you can literally feel the enthusiasm. This means a lot to me.

Regarding the business side of ZiuZ, the impact that the company makes has Remco’s greatest interest. “As a tester, I have a lot of influence on the software. My suggestions can have an impact on society.” Remco wants to have a positive impact on society in his professional and private life. That’s why he enrolled in a training program to become a volunteer fireman. “I want to have social impact. Next to working at ZiuZ, I think I can achieve that by fighting fires and offer my help wherever I can”.

CrossFit is Remco’s biggest hobby. He learned about CrossFit due to the weekly training offered by ZiuZ.  He now trains both at ZiuZ and in his spare time in Heerenveen. “I think the best thing about CrossFit is that we always work out together. All at the same time, but everybody at their own level. We motivate each other to push our boundaries. This makes me stronger both physically and mentally.”

“I like to play music (guitar and piano) but now that we have a one-year-old son I play less than before.” Remco also likes to watch movies, play video games, and collect Limited SteelBook Editions (metal cases) of the movies and games he enjoys the most. Some SteelBooks are very rare and it’s a special kind of community that buys and sells them. The Lord of the Rings 4K Ultra HD SteelBook Collection Set is one of my favorites”.

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