Roland Koops

Roland Koops, Employee ZiuZ

Roland Koops

Software Architect at ZiuZ Forensic Investigation and Pharma Automation

As a Software Architect at ZiuZ I design state of the art systems using latest technologies and methodologies.

Roland Koops has been working at ZiuZ as a Software Architect for 6 years now. He works for two business units, namely Forensic Investigation and Pharma Automation. With his experience gained at numerous companies, we are extremely pleased that Roland is part of our team.

Roland studied electrical engineering and during his studies, the internet was upcoming. As this was an exciting/impactful development, he began to engross himself in the internet at the time and chose to do this graduation with a touch of computer science.

After his studies, Roland started at a large multinational. He did not enjoy being a small cog in the wheel and looked for a new position to be able to make a difference. He found the adventure abroad and emigrated to Switzerland. With his hands-on mentality, Roland made this work and so he started living and working there. Because he was offered a challenge in the Netherlands, Roland returned after a few years.

I always look for new challenges, wherever I am intellectually challenged, I know that I am in the right place.

At one of his previous employers, he got to know ZiuZ. At the time, this company helped develop the first VizX software. ”Then a suitable vacancy from ZiuZ came along and this seemed like a great company for which I would like to work, I immediately grabbed this opportunity. ”

As described earlier, Roland wanted to be challenged. Given the size of ZiuZ (45 employees at the time), he saw an opportunity to make a difference and the highly advanced software of ZiuZ also appealed to him. Besides this, everyone within ZiuZ has the drive to continuously improve themselves, with the worldwide presence of ZiuZ, ZiuZ fulfilled all of Roland’s wishes.

His duties have everything to do with building new features or applications. Roland is actively looking for modern technologies to keep improving our software. He is currently working on making video processing scalable and incorporating the newest AI developments in our products.

With the experience I have gained from having worked for many companies and my knowledge from having been in the business for a long time, I try to coach young professionals.

What do you find most positive about working for ZiuZ? ”Everything within ZiuZ is transparent, everyone knows what’s going on. Everyone is heard, there is active action to stay innovative and also as an employee, you get a lot of freedom to implement your own ideas”. Of course, for Roland, the challenge offered to him also plays a significant role here. ”When customers come to us with a problem, I take up the challenge to design a solution for it”.

In his free time, Roland likes to ride his gravel bike. For the people who do not know this type of bike; This is a 3 in 1 bike which you can cycle, mountain bike, and gravel in the woods. Besides this, he likes to travel, on his bucket list is a trip to Jerusalem and Pompeii.

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