Yvonne van Beem

Yvonne van Beem


Being part of the ZiuZ team means I have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our products, and that's a truly rewarding experience.

After Yvonne completed her studies in Agricultural Business Administration, she decided to pursue further studies. Being inspired by IT-related subjects during her studies and the fact that computer science suited her more, she decided to study Business Computer Science.

After she also completed this study, she honed her skills and prepared for a career in the tech industry. Yvonne began her professional career as a Functional Design Engineer. After working at an insurance company for 16 years, Yvonne was ready for a new challenge. She wanted to work for a company that was making a difference and doing something that truly mattered, and that is why she decided to join ZiuZ.

‘’I looked at which companies appealed to me, ZiuZ came on my path because they had become Frisian company of the year in 2014. I saw an interview of Gerrit Baarda (Founder & Owner of ZiuZ Visual Intelligence) and I was impressed due the fact that someone could speak so passionately about his work. This was something that I had missed during my previous job and would like to experience in a new environment. Fortunately, a suitable vacancy had been posted just the day before and so I responded immediately.’’

Yvonne has been working as a ZiuZ Pharma Automation Tester at ZiuZ since 2018. Her daily tasks have everything to do with our devices and MedInspect: the next-level inspection workflow platform that ties everything together. Yvonne is responsible for creating the test plans for ApolloZ, IRIS and Photon, which involves analyzing various situations that need to be assessed. Moreover, she performs regression tests which are used to check certain parts of our devices and software. This way, she can assess whether new features function correctly and if an application is developed in a both logical and user-friendly way.

At ZiuZ, we're committed to working together to maintain the highest possible standards for our products, because we believe in delivering quality products that make a difference.

That is not everything Yvonne likes about ZiuZ. She also likes the autonomy you get as an employee to be able to do your job, with the opportunity to implement your own ideas and visions.

In her spare time, you can find Yvonne at the volleyball court. Lately, you can also find her running while she challenges herself to achieve her personal set goal, which is being able to run 10 kilometers! In addition, Yvonne enjoys going to concerts.

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