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Sales & Marketing specialist! Do you want to work at a company where everything is pre-chewed for you? Where you have to sit in front of your screen days on end instead of going outside to close some deals? Where you have no (creative) freedom and where you are nothing more than a number? Nope, we didn’t think so either... At ZiuZ Forensic Investigations we are looking for a Sales & Marketing specialist with (preferably) 1-3 years of work experience. If Sales and/or Marketing is your passion and you want to contribute to making the world a better and safer place, then look no further!

About you

You are a go-getter that is comfortable with working independently as well as in a team-setting. You get a kick out of transforming a (cold) lead into a customer and everything in between. Preferably, you also love to create content that resonates well with the target audience and you know your way around online marketing and sales tools. When you’re not busy closing deals or creating new content, you’re using your analytical skills to map out markets and business opportunities. Besides all that, you have a pro-active attitude, and you are not afraid to pick up the phone to reach out to partners or (potential) customers.
You will be working in a close-knit team with the Business Line Manager, the Product Manager and the Project Manager. You will be heavily involved in the commercial launch of our brand-new product, Fenoz. You will be stationed in Gorredijk, but you will be on the road for quite a bit to visit potential customers, international events and tradeshows.

What do you have to offer?


• You have a bachelor’s degree with a focus on Marketing, Communication, or Business Administration;
• You have 1-3 years of relevant working experience;
• You are fluent in English, French/Italian/Spanish is a bonus;
• You have strong communication skills and an affinity for sales;
• You have experience with trade fairs/conferences and an affinity for Social Media;
• You have experience with CRM tools, experience with Salesforce is a bonus;
• You preferably have experience with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator);
• You preferably have experience with content creation, including copywriting;
• You preferably have experience with LinkedIn campaigns and Google Analytics;
• You preferably have experience with SEO/SEA tools;
• You are prepared to travel.

Not ticking some of the boxes? No worries, we’d still like to get in touch!


What does ZiuZ have to offer?

ZiuZ offers an employment contract of preferably 40 hours per week with attractive terms and conditions, including an addition to your primary salary for accrual of your pension, a commuting allowance, a standard expense allowance for, amongst other things, home internet and an allowance for a mobile subscription. ZiuZ provides 27 holiday days per year and a hybrid work set-up, with the option to work partly from home. ZiuZ firmly believes in the importance of regularly meeting at the office and working together in order to foster and promote team spirit, creativity and communication.
ZiuZ is an innovative company, leading the way in developing first-rate technology in the field of visual and artificial intelligence. It is our mission to have a global impact with products which contribute toward solving socially relevant issues. As a company, we find it important that you continue to develop, which is why we provide a personal training budget. Furthermore, we ensure that next to the daily business there is also scope for informal contact with your colleagues.

Curious and keen to find out more about the role or our organisation? Please contact us for further information. We will be delighted to provide you with more details. In the meantime, you can check out our website

Cor Mulder Executive VP Forensic Investigation
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